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FOERSTER: Male Choruses

V1 - 5002                 BONIFANTES Boys´ and Men´s Choir
D D D - STEREO     JAN MÍŠEK – choirmaster
Total Time 69:46
Municipal Music Hall, Hradec Králové
on 2-3 April, 2005
Hus Congregation, Pardubice
on 23-24 June, 2007 and 5-6 April, 2008

Foerster, Josef Bohuslav
Choral Songs, Op. 145a premieres
  (My Account – What Once Was Is No More
  – Shepherd – Old Gaffer Standover – Firefly)
For My Dear Mother, Op. 164 premieres
  (Ever So Dear to Me – Of All I Had You Alone
  – Now You Have Nothing)
Four Marian Male Choruses, Op. 94 premieres
  (Ave Maria in G, D, A – Sancta Maria)
The Fourth Bunch of Male Choral Songs, Op. 145d premieres
  (Bailiff – Rejected Suitor – Stubborn Girl
  – Ploughing Done – Why Is Love Like That)
In Sunlight and in Shadow, Op. 118
  (Solemn Chorus premieres– Thread of Light premieres– Starry Night premieres
   – To Millions You Have Been Anchor premieres– Christ premieres
   – Scrapbook Entry premieres– Miner´s Song premieres– The Dnieper)
Nine Male Choruses, Op. 37
  (The Ploughman – Of My Field Each Single Tract
  – The Song of Spring – My Homeland´s Glorious, Sweeping   Fields – Along the Field Path – For the Skylark – From the   Hands of Fate – Come Build, Sweet Swallow – As We Did Part)
Saint Wenceslas!, Op. 76b No. 2

The Czech composer Josef Bohuslav Foerster (1859-1951) earned a wide attention thanks to his production of choral works. In Hamburg in the years 1894-7 he wrote his most famous choral cycle – Nine Male Choruses, Op. 37 - which is followed on this CD with several varied choral collections – serious In Sunlight and in Shadow, emotional For My Dear Mother, pious Four Marian Male Choruses and humorous Choral Songs and The Fourth Bunch of Male Choral Songs. Here you will also find a plea to Bohemia´s patron saint, Saint Wenceslas.

The Bonifantes Boys´ and Men´s Choir, formed in 1999, toured already in many states of Europe and the USA and won a lot of medals together with its founder and choirmaster Jan Míšek who, after realizing the Dvořák12 male chorus recording premieres for his anniversary in 2004, prepared for the Foerster anniversary CD 24 other ones.

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